"Nhà" is our regular client who have always trusted to work with us through 3 campaigns since Christmas 2017.


The Brief

The Coffee House wants to bring the autumn mood of Saigon to the images (actually Saigon doesn't has autumn season) which means they want to deliver the warm & cozy mood in the photos, create a friendly look.


 Based on the brief, we choose the light wood background & props for the whole album, its color can express the feeling of the autumn. We also combine it with the cement background - the signature background in The Coffee House's stores.

Beside that, to feature & highlight the products which have clear ice inside, we use backlight in studio lighting set up to pop it up in the cup and make it look delicious.


client The Coffee House

production team Kitchen Visual

photographer Junnie Uyen Dong

food / prop stylist Van Truong Nhut

assistant Hong Anh

Booking Inquiry

Ms Uyen | +84 909 963 192​ - uyen.dong@kitchenvisual.com

Mr Nhut  | +84 787 007 441​ - nhut.van@kitchenvisual.com

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