"How to bring the Cantonese lifestyle & language into the visual?"

​That's our first question when we have an offer to work with San Fu Lou, a famous Cantonese restaurant in Saigon.

It's not only about the food, the interior, the table accessories but also about the pattern of props, the material of table, tablecloths, the chopsticks, table spoons,... All of those things mixed together to bring a Cantonese atmosphere for you to experience through the images.


client D1 Concept - San Fu Lou

production team Kitchen Visual

photographer Junnie Uyen Dong

food stylist Van Truong Nhut

assistant Thinh Tran

Booking Inquiry

Ms Uyen | +84 909 963 192​ - uyen.dong@kitchenvisual.com

Mr Nhut  | +84 787 007 441​ - nhut.van@kitchenvisual.com

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