"Table of The Heart - Open Your Wine, open your soul" is an yearly event of Jacob's Creek, collaborated with Chef Bien Nguyen, the winner of Asia Cuisine 2011, he is also the heart of Grain Cooking Studio Saigon and Xu Lounge, the famous dining restaurant in Ho Chi Minh Vietnam.


We're so proud of being a production team that work with them in this project, capturing 17 stunning dishes created by Chef Bien Nguyen for the event, featuring the dining Vietnamese foods combine with Jacob's Creek wines.

The food is the combination of

East & West. Depended on the brand guideline of Jacob's Creek,

we chose the clean & clear mood & tone to feature the wines and the fine foods, created a high-class 

look but not too fancy.

We had to admit that the foods were not only have a stunning look but also the amazing taste, which required us to deliver the great photos to catch people eyes in the first look and make they want to have it in their kitchen (or join in the event of Jacob's Creek) 

Video by DemX Studio


client Jacob’s Creek

agency Focus Asia Digital

production team Kitchen Visual

photographer Junnie Uyen Dong

stylist Van Truong Nhut

assistant Thinh Tran

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Ms Uyen | +84 909 963 192​ - uyen.dong@kitchenvisual.com

Mr Nhut  | +84 787 007 441​ - nhut.van@kitchenvisual.com

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