This was the biggest project of our team til now. It took timeeee to produce. We was collarborated with Redder Advertising and Tidu Team (prop team) to done this job greatly. Thank you both teams for supporting us so much in this campaign.

The brief

With the idea that colors can be helpful for children in learning. The concept of Redder was choose 3 main popular colors to deliver the message: Red help in long-term memory, Green help in focusing, Blue help in fast learning. So that the products of Colokit could be helpful for children in the learning time.


Tidu Team have to prepare the props to on set such as the earth, tree, bird, sun, cloud, grass by clay following 3 main colors Red, Green, Blue.

​Kitchen Visual have to cast talents, preparing wardrobe, make up and location for shooting. It tooks almost 14 days for 2 teams to done the job.

Out of home


client Thien Long - Colokit     agency Redder Advertising

production team Kitchen Visual

producer Van Truong Nhut     photographer Junnie Uyen Dong

set designer Tidu Team     make up artist Dang Thanh Vinh     wardrobe stylist Hoàng Tuyết     assistant Thinh Tran

Booking Inquiry

Ms Uyen | +84 909 963 192​ -

Mr Nhut  | +84 787 007 441​ -

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