trà sữa là chân ái




​To describe about this project, we only have one word "AMAZING", the amazing client, the amazing agency team, the amazing crew who was dedicated with us through the whole project.

The brief is the client needs 4 bumper ads and 1 TVC (combine from 4 bumper ads) about 4 kinds of Milk Tea which are Peach tea, Matcha milk tea, Milk tea, Brown sugar boba with milk tea, 4 popular beverages in Milk tea industry of Vietnam.



In 6 seconds of each video, we have to deliver the yummy & tasty of that beverage. The director decided to break it into 4 scenes, 2 first scenes are for the ingredients which make that beverage, 3rd scene is for the close-up finished beverage and the last scene is to reveal the beverage.



In the art direction, the agency's art director suggest that we can use different color palette for different beverage, don't need too much branding, don't need too much consistency, just let it be, let it shine in their own way. That's why we (PH & Agency) agree that we will us the Yellow background for Peach tea, Brown for Milk tea, Green matcha for Matcha milk tea and Black for Brown sugar boba with milk tea.


We were through 2 long days to shoot the whole project with 16 scenes total, it's a huge work to do. In this project, the director decided to use the Phantom Flex 4K to shoot, that camera is the best camera for slow motion which can deliver these sexy scenes you will see below